Toby Turner – Founder & CEO

After time as a Chartered Surveyor in property and infrastructure, Toby founded Holtby Turner in 2000. He’s survived a recession or two and has steadily risen to become a respected industry figure. As the firm’s enthusiast regarding interview techniques, personality profiling and behavioural assessments, Toby is still very much involved with the execution of search assignments helping to ensure clients are only ever presented with the very finest candidates.

Quietly Сonnected to Everyone

With more than 20 years in the built environment, we’ve seen many come and go, and have earned access to networks within networks. Holtby Turner is quite possibly the most connected search firm in the built environment. Thanks to our board, there are very few beyond our reach in the industry.

Rigorously picky ​

We like to see ourselves as forward thinking, with our feet firmly on the ground.  As curious as we are critical, we analyse assumptions, challenge the obvious and draw upon years of experience before forming intelligent arguments. We’re told that our screening process is the most rigorous in the industry. But that’s what helps us reduce risk, so why not be picky? Who wants a bad apple when you can have a game-changer?  Exactly, that’s what we think too.

The best connected executive search firm in the built environment