Our Values Are Our Worth

From developers to contractors, advisory firms, consultants and through to end users, our knowledge of the built environment runs deep and our network wide. Years in the industry mean that our client relationships stand the test of time. And because we live by our values, we’re still realising our mission - to be your most valued people partner.


Value over volume

Quality over quantity is central to our standard of service. Quality is an attitude instilled into our culture, and embodied in our people. At Holtby Turner, we pick where others simply skip.


Assume nothing. Analyse everything

When finding leaders, we prefer thoughtful analysis over guesswork. This is why we rigorously test hypotheses and continuously develop our search frameworks.


Expertise that goes deeper, not wider

We focus to drive conviction. Rather than cast a wide net across industries, for two decades we’ve strategically focussed our search expertise on our specialist area: finding and developing executives in the built environment.


We make commitments, not bets

Successful search starts with a solid relationship. That’s why we take our commitments seriously and push that extra bit harder. Maybe that's why so many clients work with us exclusively.


We don’t get star-struck

We’re tough on quality, and place value on values. What matters to us is being the best. It’s our job to put visionaries and top-tier talent to the test on what ultimately matters - their values.


We only win, when we all win

That’s why we focus on the long game. As our mission is to be your most important people partner, we place integrity above all else, through both the good and bad times.

This is why Holtby Turner ranks as one of the most highly regarded Executive Search firms in the built environment today. 

We go beyond the average to find the best possible person.


Find The Best In The Market


With our in-depth knowledge of real estate and construction we research the market thoroughly using our network of high-level contacts, market information and formal research to identify the most appropriate potential candidates, also using a lateral approach to ensure that we locate people who are working outside the expected target companies.

The Job Brief

We work closely with you to produce a detailed job brief and determine the essential and desired experience that the successful candidate will need. Acting as trusted advisors, we might challenge your assumptions or suggest alternative solutions based on our knowledge of the market.


We provide detailed reports on the selected candidates, usually three or four making up the shortlist. We will discuss them with you, explaining why we think they are appropriate, what they will expect from their next role and employer and the best tactics to use to convince them that this is the right opportunity for them.


We conduct formal interviews with the most suitable people, using competency questioning, personality profiling and a general discussion to assess their experience, achievements, personality, motivation and career ambitions to confirm that they meet the requirements of your role in all respects.


Our involvement doesn’t finish when the contract has been signed. We work actively with you and the chosen candidate before and after they take up their new appointment to make sure that they are familiar with the organisation and their new peers, they understand what the full range of their responsibilities will be and that there is an agreed number of achievements and results for the first 90 days.


Once you have decided which candidate to offer the role to, we help with all negotiations until the contract has been signed and we also guide and support the person through the resignation process, a stage at which many job offers can fall through.

The best connected executive search firm in the built environment