Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Holtby Turner, we are committed to promoting EDI both within our own business and throughout all assignments that we manage for clients. We have taken a number of specific actions to help ensure that EDI has a greater impact at management levels in real estate where our work is focused.

  • All our consultants receive training in equality, diversity and unconscious bias from accredited providers.
  • We have been approved as corporate members of Real Estate Balance in order to share information and keep abreast of the latest initiatives and developments around EDI.
  • When working with clients to formulate job descriptions we will discuss EDI to ensure that roles are not unconsciously discriminating against some potential candidates.
  • We promote our assignments in relevant professional media to reach the widest range of potential candidates.
  • Following government guidelines, we aim to ensure that our longlists consist of at least 30% women.
  • We keep statistics throughout all stages of assignments to monitor the diversity of candidates from our own evaluation and interviews to shortlisting and the later client interview stage.
  • Monitoring these statistics enables us to see where our initiatives can be improved to increase EDI.

We have already seen a great improvement in the diversity of professionals that we have placed in new positions, and we will continue to work with our clients to achieve greater equality throughout the real estate sector.