The Future Of Work & The Workplace

Change in the modern workplace is affecting all of us. With the prolific rise of coworking and collaboration tools, the need for traditional office environments to work effectively has forevermore changed. From space to how we now connect and communicate, and the different expectations of life and career progression younger generations are driving, workplace 3.0 is here. Some even think we’ve moved through 3.0 and are now in 4.0.

All I know is this: never before has workplace and the built environment felt so exciting and dynamic, so full of opportunity and promise.

At Holtby Turner Executive Search, as our business grew, we needed larger offices and a permanent London base. As we took on more staff, so we needed to adjust
and accommodate different work-life requirements. As communications and technology developed, so contact with candidates and clients around the world got easier. We found ourselves able to work effectively in a more flexible way, with no need for a fixed 9 to 5, office bound set-up, five days a week.

Driven by both the growth in flexible working – and the non-traditional specialist expertise that goes into delivering this – so the demand of senior interim roles arising within the built environment has skyrocketed. To handle the demand for talented individuals to fill them, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Holtby Turner Interim Leadership, headed by Kembi Coakelin.

In our fourth insight report, we’ve brought friends and colleagues across the built environment to share their expert opinions on the future of workplace. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to collaborate and share opinions and ideas with so many others. Their forward-thinking perspectives have been fascinating to hear as the report has been researched. We hope it’s an insightful read and raises some thought provoking questions!

Toby Turner
Founder & Managing Director Holtby Turner

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