A Brave New World: Innovating Real Estate – An Insight into Innovation, Technology & Digital Disruption in Real Estate

A Brave New World: Innovating Real Estate, Holtby Turner Executive Search delves into the ways innovation and digital disruption are impacting real estate today. It explores real estate’s relationship to technology, and technology’s relationship to innovation. Insights on leadership through the uncertainty of digital disruption are expertly curated.

Exclusive insights by PropTech influencers Antony Slumbers, Faisal Butt and James Dearsley are featured alongside interviews with real estate leaders from Hammerson, PGIM, M7, CBRE and Workspace Group. We hear how PropTech startups came to the market, with Q&A’s with the founders of Built-ID, HouseLetter, AskPorter, Settled, and Habito sharing their stories.

“Real estate needs to move on from why it must innovate, and get to grips with how it will innovate” asserts Toby Turner in his opening article, Tomorrow’s World Is Here.

PropTech expert Antony Slumbers agrees. “The days of IT are over: every business is a technology business” he writes. “The differentiator going forward is knowing which technologies you can use to complement your human ingenuity, skills and creativity in the service of a robust, solid and scalable business.”

“Without an open and optimistic mentality towards technology’s role in property, we are, on so many levels, risking our own success as well as that of the entire market,” writes James Dearsley. “There is a common misconception that PropTech is an all or nothing thing, but it simply isn’t true” he explains in our closing article, Innovation – The Future of PropTech.

Do the answers lie in mergers? Or acquiring start-ups? Or hiring a Head of Innovation? Or is the answer in intrapreneurship? Read the report and find out here. Hope you enjoy it!

Toby Turner
Founder & Managing Director, Holtby Turner

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